Genuine hand-made collection for dorayaki lovers with thousands of dollars in prizes!

There are many variations of traits more than 220; Unique hand-made NFTs and golden traits which give rewards to our holders.

There are more than 220 traits/accessories offering millions of combinations to make your uwuyaki exclusive and 15 unique hand-drawn uwuyakis NFT, the golden traits/accessories and the unique NFTs are awarded up to 70 sol, minting just one golden trait will give you a reward.


Mint your Uwuyaki on the SOLANA BLOCKCHAIN and enjoy the rewards and future benefits. Stay tuned on our official social accounts!

Miniting one uwuyaki will give you an revealed NFT on your Solana wallet and you can sell it on secondary market or hold it in order to participate in future raffles and giveaways to the holders. All the rewards will be sent to the address that mint the NFT without exception.

History of uwuyakis.

The legend says in 1914 a baker wanted to perfect the dorayaki recipe. He was convinced that he could find the formula to make the creamiest and sweetest dorayaki in Japan. After several weeks of cooking against the clock, I was never happy with the result. Desperately he looked for help but he didn’t find any, there was only one last option; ask help from the village witch.

The witcher had the perfect potion to fix his problem, but every potion has an unwanted consequence. The baker did not want to hear any bad impact from the potion because he would do whatever it took to get his dream done. He ran to the bakery and started cooking. Agitated, he wanted to try the dorayaki as soon as possible when suddenly the air of the bakery began to get really cold. The baker wondered if he had been right to ask help from the witcher and seconds later smoke began to rise from the pan.

-hi! -Was heard. The baker couldn't see anything and started to panic. - Hello? Who are you? - He said with a trembling voice. -I am your Dorayaki, you bring me to life.

The baker couldn't believe what he was seeing, the Dorayaki had come to life.

- But how is it possible? This does not solve my problem. -I am your solution -said the Dorayaki. I will teach you the recipe to make the best dorayaki in all of Japan.

The baker who still did not believe what he was seeing, he thought he had lost his mind. The Dorayaki began to cook. When he gave the baker a try, he was amazed by the taste and texture that Dorayaki had, he had tried anything similar.

The following days the Dorayaki and the baker went to cook together. When the baker put the dorayaki up for sale, the whole town surrendered to their taste. He had succeeded. The baker did not know how to thank him. The Dorayaki told him that those days together at the bakery had made him very happy so the baker decided to give him a job at the bakery. I will call you Uwuyaki -said the baker.



Your Experience Gets Better And Better Over Time.

Holding one of our NFTs will give you access to exclusive giveaways, and benefits in future collections like airdrops and getting whitelist spots. The prizes will be sent to the winners following the conditions and goals of the roadmap. Please check it carefully before minting.

NFT collection WHITELIST Pre-Sale Start
  • First Alpha mint pre-sale of 2222 NFT of UWUYAKIS NFT collection 15th March 2022 at 0.69 SOL. This would be the 25% of the complete collection which will be minted for early birds of the project.
  • Whitelist presale start 1 days before public sale at 0.4 SOL. Get a whitelist spot by participating in our social networks by giveaways and discord invites. Don't stay out!

In this stage,

  • We'll send 100 SOL to 200 random addresses, they will be selected randomly between the first 25% of mint addresses. This process will be shown in our social networks Telegram, Discord, Twitter and Instagram.
  • We will do improve the marketing to continue pushing the project visibility and value, by paying to bigger influencers to promote the project.
  • People who have minted a uwuyaki NFT with golden traits will be able to receive the award from this phase in SOL at the same address as used in the mint process.
  • This will attract a lot of people to the collection seeing the prizes given out and that there are still many prizes to be found.
New rewards for luckyest holders who have minted a UNIQUE uwuyaki NFT.
  • At 75 % of all the collection sold, all holders with one unique uwuyaki minted will be awarded, and depending on the tier of your unique NFT, you can win from 10 up to 40SOL.
  • A total of 290SOL will be given in this stage
  • CHARITY DONATION chosen by the community.
  • BETWEEN HOLDERS FROM 2222 to 6666, 200 positions will be raffled on the whitelist of the next NFT collection.

We want to go into the metaverse and interact directly with you. Metaverses related to the world of food are being created, such as, where we want to implement our project in order to generate great profits for our holders, and make interactive collaborations with other collections through the metaverse.

  • HOLDERS FROM 6666 to 8888 will be raffled off 100 'NFTs of the following collection.
  • We will list the collection in the different marketplaces of the solana blockchain like solanart, magic eden or solsea, leaving 50% of the capital generated in commissions in the secondary market in a wallet for the community which will be given to the community like awards in a random and funny way.
  • The community will participate in the governance and will decide the direction of the project as well as the different donations that are made.
  • We have many ideas of how we can generate passive income for our holders. Let's do that together !!
You, our holder, as part of this project and this community, will be able to decide the fate of our project.

Why hold an UWUYAKI!

More than 1000 SOL in rewards. 80% business ventures , DAO Proposal Voting, 80% Mint fund and much more...

Mint Fund Wallet

Following our community first philosophy, and as a sign of our commitment, we are going to keep 80% of the minting proceeds in a wallet that will be available to the project and to the holders for the businesses that we vote for in our DAO.

How rewards flow

We’re building a commission based ecosystem. All profits generated via Secondary Marketplaces and our other Ventures/Revenue Streams are automatically split into 50% Holders - 50% Staff.


4 big team player has created this NFT project.

Years ago a group of friends traveled to japan on holidays and now they are a multidisciplinary team formed by graphic designers, software engineers, and the best community managers with hundreds of hours of work behind them.

We have been able to create uwuyakis project for NFTs, dessert lovers, and crypto investors.




He has lived on Twitter since it exists and has participated in large global marketing projects, using his talent managing paid advertising and multi-channel marketing platforms. He will bring a lot of experience in this field to make this project grow.




She has a great service orientation to others. She has been working in marketing and communication for years and will have no problem growing this community to the moon...



Artist ilustrator designer

With many years of work in his hands, the unique style of his art defines him, lover of perfection and small details, he did not hesitate to venture into this project when the opportunity presented itself! Any artistic suggestion, he is your man!



Software ingenieur

He had a bored 8 hour office work developing bored business applications during 15 years. He don't thought when we contact with him for this project. Now, he lives in SOLANA blockchain and works avery day to improve the world. We love that guy! If you have any technicall doubt, you can talk with him.



In our collection, there will be 6 types of golden traits/accessories with which you can win big prizes, especially if you get one uwuyaki NFT with a high combination of gold traits. Each uwuyaki will be randomly generated by an algorithm. The more golden traits your NFT has, the more money you will earn.

These are all the available traits that can appear in our collection, the more you get, the more you will earn. They can go from 0 to 6 golden traits in a single NFT. Get yours and good luck!

If your uwuyaki minted NFT has 1 golden trait, wichever, you earn 0,3 SOL and we will sent to your address.

If your uwuyaki minted NFT has 2 golden trait, wichever, you earn 2 SOL and we will sent to your address.

If your uwuyaki minted NFT has 3 golden trait, wichever, you earn 10 SOL and we will sent to your address.

If your uwuyaki minted NFT has 4 golden trait, wichever, you earn 35 SOL and we will sent to your address.

If your uwuyaki minted NFT has 5 golden trait, wichever, you earn 50 SOL and we will sent to your address.

If your NFT minted has all golden traits you will earn 70 SOL and we will send it to address minted. There is GUARANTEED AT LEAST 1 with 6 golden traits/accessories that will be on the 8888 NFTs. MINT YOUR UWUYAKI and GOOD LUCK!



In our collection, there will be 15 uniques NFT hand-draw and randomly mixed on the collection to be minted and rewarded up to 40SOL.

Are you going to miss out on this opportunity to win thousands of dollars in prizes? The more NFTs you mint, the more chances you will have to get a unique or NFTs with golden accessories.

FAQs about our project

Here you can find answered the most frequently asked questions about our project. If you have any other doubt don't hesitate to contact us on our social channels !!

Uwuwyakis is a collection of NFTs limited to a total of 8888 “dorayakis” inspired by the famous Japanese dessert, we are here to bring the uwuyakis NFTs to the Solana ecosystem. With all handmade traits done by our designer, this collection can bring you a chance of winning thousands of dollars in prices. Don't miss the mint day to get your uwuyaki NFT.

Follow us in our telegram channel. We will anounce it there soon! Stay tunned!

If you get a slot in the whitelist, you will be able to purchase it at a price of 0,4 SOL. The public sale will be opened 48h later at 0.9 SOL per NFT.

We will have a whitelisted presale which ensures you a chance to mint at a lower price and be the first to get your uwuyakis before the public sale. You can ask us more about how to get on the whitelist, when will be the mint day open, and much more on our Telegram, Instagram, and Twitter channels.


Stay tunned to our social accounts. We are very active launching airdrop and rewards for our comunity.

You can stay tunned in all our social channels.